Safe Driving During the Autumn Season

| November 15, 2016

Autumn is a wonderful time of year; the leaves are changing colors, the kids are back in school, and the holidays are approaching. The issue with Autumn is the difficulty of being safe while driving because of a few things that occur during the Fall season. One reason is all of the fallen leaves that are often wet. When the leaves are wet, the road is turned into a slippery surface making it difficult to drive safely, so if you come across a leaf covered road, proceed with caution. If it is dry where you live, stay away from piles of leaves because they are fires waiting to happen, especially since it is windy during Autumn. Pedestrians are often an issue for drivers as it is, but now that kids are back in school, you have to watch for kids playing, crossing the street, or walking to and from school. Also, day light savings is making it darker, earlier, which makes it much more difficult to see pedestrians so stay the speed limit and always check your surroundings to keep everyone safe.

The fall season is a time when you need to keep an eye on everything and by keeping you and your community safe, you are helping everyone.