Make Sure That Your Home is Prepared for Autumn

| November 06, 2016

There are a few things that you should do this Autumn to save money and keep your home safe. Checking your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for any signs of issues and/or low amount of remaining battery power is a smart thing to do around this time of year. Replace the batteries and check to confirm that the detector is working properly. Making sure that the thermostat is up-to-date is essential during this time of year. Many thermostats today are able to adjust the temperature according to a series of manually programmed settings, this will help you stay warm while saving you money! Lastly, properly insulated doors and windows will go hand-in-hand with your thermostat for better energy efficiency. If new windows and doors are not in the budget, there are many easy and cheap solutions such as a spray sealant or weather stripping.

Autumn is a wonderful time of year, but you have to be sure to stay safe and save money to make this season the best it can be!

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