Happy 4th of July!

| July 03, 2017

Happy 4th everybody! It’s the time of year when we celebrate America’s birthday! It’s common knowledge that the 4th of July is filled with lots of fun, including pool parties, barbecues and of course fireworks! Fireworks are nice to watch but beware, they can become dangerous! Take precaution with pets as fireworks can be very frightening for them! It’s also important to remember that fireworks should only be shot away from flammable things such as trees or brush. They should also be far away from residential areas to keep people out of harm’s way. If you’re unable to shoot off fireworks yourself it’s always a good idea to go view them in your town or a neighboring town. Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, and Agoura Hills all have firework shows planned.

If you’re planning on barbecuing on the 4th, be careful! It wouldn’t be a very good Independence Day if you accidentally started a fire! It’s a good idea to have water and a phone nearby just in case. Probably most important of all, if you decide to drink on the 4th don’t risk driving home! You could potentially ruin your life or the lives of others. Instead, take an Uber or a Lyft home or if you’re at a friend’s house, just stay the night. Of course, despite all these warnings have tons of fun!