B&B Premier Insurance Solutions joined the Acrisure brand in 2017. We continue to operate the same, just with added support from Acrisure. As an independent agent, we represent many different types of insurance carriers so we can match a customers needs with the correct insurer. Our emphasis is to provide our customers with the best protection at the most competitive price. We continually analyze our relationships and represent the best insurance companies for our customers, that is why we have aligned ourselves with more regionally based companies versus national carriers. History has shown that regional insurance companies can adapt to the changing insurance environment quicker than the national carriers can without giving up any financial stability.

Superior service and the ability to solve problems separate our agency from the rest. Our employees are empowered to provide the best solutions to our customer’s insurance related issues. As your representative, we take protecting your financial assets personally, that is why we consistently provide options to enhance your insurance protection. Stability in our staffing solidifies the relationship between our customers and B&B Premier Insurance Solutions. Approximately 60% of our employees have been working here for over 5 years and over 30% have been here for more than 10 years.

One of the strong points within B&B Premier Insurance Solutions is the ability we have to write personal, commercial, life, and group benefits insurance. We are one of the few agencies that can accommodate all of our customers needs under one roof and this is the reason why we are “your ONE stop Insurance Solution.“