Home Insurance

Comprehensive Home Insurance Covers More Than the Home’s Structure

California homeowners are no doubt aware of the damage earthquakes and other natural disasters can cause to property. A comprehensive policy, however, should go above and beyond to cover more than just the structure of the house itself. B&B Premier Insurance Solutions can sit down with you to assess your home’s risk and determine how much coverage you need to ward off any financial setbacks should the unthinkable occur.

In addition to local construction costs, a good homeowners policy should consider the size of your home, its roof type, and the value of any personal assets and possessions contained within the home. This means determining the value of things like furniture, clothing, collectibles, electronics, and even outbuildings like a shed or detached garage. B&B Premier Insurance Solutions pays strict attention to detail so every client we work with gets the right protection.

Customize Your Policy for Greater Protection

The most basic homeowners policy will cover:

  • The structure of the home
  • Detached structures
  • Personal property
  • Liability

Most policies do not, however, cover specific events like earthquakes. Depending on the risks associated with where you live, you may want to consider adding policies that include earthquake, flood, and fire coverage, as well as an umbrella policy.

Our rates are competitive for the Agoura Hills, CA area, and we’ll be happy to offer you a range of quotes that give you a good idea of the cost associated with a comprehensive package.

Landlords and Tenants Require Specialized Coverage

Whether you live in a condo or apartment, a rental property comes with its own risks. Landlords should have a policy that covers damages related to the structure, while renters should purchase an affordable policy that protects their possessions.

No matter what place you call home, B&B Premier Insurance Solutions is happy to work with you on getting the protection you need. Give us a call at 877-794-2599 for more information.