UPDATE: Los Robles Hospital and Anthem Blue Cross Settle Disput

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Effective April 1st, 2012 according to Los Robles Hospital, they have settled contract negotiations with Anthem Blue Cross. After a brief dispute originating on March 3rd, Los Robles was able to come to an agreement to take Health Insurance from Anthem Blue Cross. You can find the full press release here: http://www.losrobleshospital.com/about/newsroom/open-letter-to-the-community-re-new-anthem-blue-cross

The agreement has not been formally announced by Anthem Blue Cross, but an announcement is expected shortly. There was a big uproar from anyone with Health Insurance in Los Angeles to get Los Robles back In-Network. Los Robles took the steps needed to settle any issues with Blue Cross.

Further details will be updated as they come out to brokers, doctors and consumers. There is currently no update for West Hills hospital, but a formal announcement with details is expected from Anthem Blue Cross shortly. If you are looking for Health Insurance in Los Angeles, Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks and Los Robles is your hospital of choice, Anthem Blue Cross is now a great option for you.

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