Types of Security Camera

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Do you want to pay less for your business’ southern California insurance? Then you may want to ask your agent if installing a surveillance system would assist you to reduce your insurance costs. Having cameras set up around your business may do more than prevent crime. It could also help identify perpetrators who decide to make off with your assets despite the fact your surveillance system was recording them. There are five basic types of camera to choose from:

Bullet cameras are typically black and white. They may be used inside or outside. Facial recognition is usually possible for up to 35 feet.
Infrared cameras are an options often considered for areas with poor lighting. 
Day/night cameras allow you to capture images in both bright and dim settings without infrared lighting. 
C-Mount cameras are helpful for identifying individuals at a distance as these often have zoom capabilities. These may need additional housing to be used outdoors.
Getting their name from their shape, dome cameras are usually seen indoors and typically offer high-quality imaging.

The fact that security cameras often serve as a disincentive for would-be criminals may lead to a discount on southern California insurance in some circumstances. Security features can be an investment that offers an ongoing return by means of both reducing theft and potentially reducing insurance costs. 


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