Preventing Campfire Accidents

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Have you purchased a
sufficient homeowners’ policy from a California insurance agent? What are you waiting for? A wildfire
could start in the area and destroy your home without warning. In just the
first week of July in 2012, there were five wildfires in the Golden State. Do
you want to be left footing the repair bill for your fire-damaged home alone?

A common cause of wildfire
is campers. Will your summer vacation include a few nights in the wilderness?
Keep in mind these tips to ensure your campfire does not lead to tragedy.

When staying in a
campsite without a premade fire pit, take the time to dig one. It should be
situated away from low-handing branches and encircled by rocks.

No combustible items
should be placed within five feet of the pit, including firewood.

You should keep a
shovel and a bucket filled with water handy for quick extinguishing.

A fire should never
burn without a watchful eye on it – flames could get out of hand in an instant.

Don’t light fires in
areas or at times when it is not permitted to do so.

Remembering these points could mean the difference
between an uneventful camping trip, and one marred by disaster. Of course, a
wildfire could also occur because of severe weather or arson, so it is best to
prepare for the worst. A comprehensive homeowners’ policy obtained through your
experienced California insurance agent could be invaluable should your home be
damaged or destroyed in a blaze.


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