Is Your Staff Ready for Crime? Southern California Insurance Can Help

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Armed robbery can be a part of reality for many businesses these days, even those not traditionally targeted by thieves. While such crimes often occur at retail locations, where cash is readily on hand, offices may also be victimized. Although your Southern California insurance may cover loss of property in some circumstances, ideally you want to avoid experiencing theft altogether. To this end, look for small ways to deter crooks.

For non-retail locations, the key could be securing your entrances and exits, thereby cutting off access to the premises. When your location does not receive many visitors, consider keeping the exterior doors locked and utilizing an intercom system to allow guests to obtain entry. Preferably, your workers should be able to see the visitor without having to open the door.

With retail establishments, foot traffic may be your bread and butter, so locked doors aren’t usually feasible. What you could try instead is minimizing the signage, shelving, and other items that block an employee’s view of the store. Clear lines of sight make it more difficult to sneak up on an individual, as the staff member could be able to see the person approaching.

Employees should know to watch people who seem out of place or suspicious. They should also know not to argue with, or challenge, thieves. As your Southern California insurance could cover the money lost in an armed robbery if you have that coverage, your workers should never put themselves in harm’s way for the same of retaining goods or money.


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