Could an Earthquake Affect You?

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Do you sometimes think that home insurance is money wasted? It can sometimes feel that way but for those searching for a reason to consider purchase a southern California insurance policy, simply consider the risk of earthquakes the Golden State faces. 

The San Andreas Fault is located underneath some of the most populated cities in California. Almost every day there is a quake being recorded by scientists. While many of these are tiny and do not cause any significant damage, there is potential for more severe tremors.

The largest earthquake every recorded in the state thus far had a magnitude of 7.9. This record-breaking quake occurred in 1857 as the San Andreas Fault ruptured near Parkfield. Is the risk for such a powerful quake real since so much time as passed? Consider this: a quake almost as strong at 7.2 occurred off the cost of California in 2005. Some scientists believe that the faults beneath the state may be building up to a quake of catastrophic proportions. 

There is no way to prevent a quake from taking place. There is not even a guaranteed method that allows someone to predict when a large quake is going to happen. Since you cannot avoid being affected by earthquakes, you should find a southern California insurance policy that provides coverage for such events.

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