California Home Insurance & Fire Prevention 101

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Throughout the holidays and winter months, home fires unfortunately occur all too often. Even more unfortunate is the rise in deaths, resulting from home fires across the country. Throughout the winter season, it’s important that homeowners proactively review their property’s safety features and emergency evacuation plan. Aside from your own gut instincts, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has suggested a number of simple steps to prevent fires from occurring with your home.

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It’s equally as important for homeowners to review and evaluate their current California home insurance policy as well as complete a home inventory of personal assets, in the event that the worst was to happen.

The NFPA suggests homeowners should be aware of the following:

Keep an eye on heating appliances

Keep flammable items, such as clothes, away from various heating appliances such as your boilers, wood stoves, etc. and ensure that all heat sources have been installed properly, to avoid issues with inadequate space.

Be prepared for a fire emergency

Install recommended smoke alarms (which should be tested regularly) at strategic points around the house. These can be life saving devices in the event of an emergency as they should give early warning of a fire. Develop an effective evacuation plan and remember to involve the whole family in this so all are on the same page.

Should you have any questions about financial protection from damage caused by fire or other emergencies, contact one of our agents for further information. We regularly assist home owners with their California home insurance and want to ensure you and your family are properly protected.



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